Who’s Who of Moguls

alexbilodeau-300x224In 2014, Canadian Alexander Biloudeau took the gold medal for Olympic freestyle mogul skiing. He did so after beating out fellow Canadian Mikael Kingsbury who came in second and Russian Alexandr Smyshlyaev. This was the first time in three winter Olympic games that a United States competitor did not break into the top three. In the two games prior to the 2014 winter games, United States competitors took third in 2010 and second in 2006. The 2014 games were in Sochi, the 2010 games were in Vancouver and the 2006 games were held in Turin.

It is important to note that the majority of mogul skiers are also excellent other freestyle category skiers. They are the experts in their skiing competition and are able to perform many different obstacles that beginner and intermediate skiers would only be able to dream of. This is because it is something that they do obsessively and base their lives around it. They do not do anything other than focus on skiing and are able to do so. Due to the nature of moguls, it is important that beginners and intermediate level skiers do not attempt to do the same things that the Olympic freestyle skiers do. This could lead to injury and can be extremely detrimental to a skiing career. The moguls could be the end of a person’s skiing career and can actually be the end of the person’s life if they are not careful.

Just because there are Olympic competitions that involve mogul skiing does not mean that is the only means of measuring a mogul skier’s ability. There are many skiers who are excellent at moguls and have not even competed in the Olympics. They may have competed in other games, including other freestyle skiing competitions. They may also be the people who train the skiers who then compete in the Olympics. Just because they have not won and have not been in the Olympic games is not a measure of their ability to be able to ski the moguls. Skiing moguls is all about experience, balance and the strength to accomplish this obstacle at a high speed. Some of the best mogul skiers who are in the skiing world have never even competed in an Olympic game and have no desire to do so, they prefer the other competitions that they can compete in.

jeremy_bloomJeremy Bloom is one skier who comes to mind when talking about mogul skiing. It is not that he is the best skier in the world, that he has gotten the most gold medals or that he has revolutionized the record for moguls skied. He is a freestyle skier who competes in basic competitions and is one of the most recognized names in both the mogul and freestyle skiing worlds. He has never taken home a gold medal in mogul skiing, but is one of the most recognized people in the game. This is because of the unconventional methods he has when he is mogul skiing. In order to keep his balance, Bloom uses unheard of techniques and is able to do so both easily and safely. This allows him to take home more medals and teach more people how to mogul ski than many other competitors who have won games.