In the Olympics

Freestyle skiing has been an event in The Olympics since 1971.

olympic-skiingDuring this year, it was added to the winter games and was split into two categories, much like other sports. The men’s and the women’s freestyle skiing competitions are slightly different. While they require the skiers to do nearly the same thing, there are different goals that each must accomplish. They must make sure that they hit these goals and that they are getting the right numbers in the competition. If they have not gotten the best scores within their category, they cannot win the medals. Skiers are also disqualified from the competition if they do not meet the minimum numbers that are set for each of the categories of freestyle skiing. The competitions within freestyle include moguls, aerials, ski cross, half pipe and slope style. They are included in both the men’s and the women’s divisions.

With moguls, skiers are required to start the run with a jump onto the mountain. This is a built up jump that they must land properly from. They may not start from a gate and must start with a landing. The right landing will enable them to get their skis firmly on the mountain and will allow them to have the upper hand in the competition. Doing the jump wrong will immediately end the competition for them as it is difficult for skiers to get their bearings after a difficult landing from a jump.

The skiers must go through the mogul course without losing their balance. The mountains are usually steep and it can be difficult to recover from the initial jump. The moguls are large and are hit at fast speeds, which can make the skiers lose their balance and not recover from it through the rest of the course. If skiers are traveling at a high rate of speed, they risk catching one or both of their skis on the moguls as they are traveling down the mountain. They may also lose their balance from coming off of a mogul too fast or not gaining enough momentum.

At the end of the course, skiers will end with another jump. As with the first jump, they must land properly. Failing to do so can cause the skier to fall and they will immediately lose the competition. Skiers must be able to not only show that they can start from a jump, complete the course with many moguls in it, but must also be able to land properly after they have come down the mountain. If a skier is not able to do all of these things, they will be disqualified from moguls which could affect their overall freestyle skiing score.

When a skier completes the course, they will be judged. They will be judged on the jump, the moguls and the landing after they have come down the mountain. They must also be able to maintain composure and complete the course in a set amount of time. Judges will determine how they do and will give them a score. Their overall score is made up of the different scores from the judges. The third, second and first will win the competition. They will get bronze, silver and gold medals depending on if they were the third, second or first highest score.