Where to Find the Best Moguls


As far as extreme freestyle skiing goes, Taos, New Mexico is the prime location for skiers who are advanced and what to get more out of skiing. It is the best mountain in the United States, and possibly the world, for skiers who love to freestyle. It is a mountain that caters exclusively to advanced skiers and ones who want to push themselves to the most extreme levels. It is not for the faint of heart and beginners should not go to this mountain. It is recommended that skiers have done moguls before they attempt the moguls that are at Taos. This will help keep the skiers safer and will ensure that they know what they are getting into at the mountain. This mountain is one of the best due to its dedication to advanced skiers.

Telluride, Colorado is a skiers paradise. Whether skiers have been skiing for decades or are just starting out, Telluride is the place for them. Focusing on the expert side of the mountain, Telluride has a 38% expert level course amount. This means that nearly half of the mountain (presumably, the “hard” side) is dedicated to trails that would daunt even some of the best skiers. The moguls at this mountain are consistently maintained, are some of the best in the country and are featured on trails that have terrifying names like “Plunge.” If you want a great ski area that also has all the moguls you could desire, Telluride is the place.

Killington, Vermont is one of the top ski area locations in the United States and with good reason. They have many expert trails that the best skiers in the world flock to during the winter months. It is no surprise that Vermont is home to so many good ski areas. The steep mountains make it ideal to blow snow onto. The snow is blown expertly through the best trails to add moguls. Skiers who have not been doing moguls for long will even have a chance to practice while they are visiting Killington.

Rock Garden in Sun Valley, Idaho is the trail with the top moguls in the United States. The resort features nearly completely vertical trails that appear to drip down the mountain. These trails are excellent for all of the experts. These mountains are not for the weak and are certainly not for run of the mill skiers. The moguls on this mountain can be even more daunting due to the steep incline of the mountains that are featured in this Idaho resort town. It is important that skiers practice plenty before they make the decision to try the moguls at Sun Valley.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a great place that offers something for every type of skier, especially mogul skiers. The moguls at this location are groomed daily and the resort is open for huge chunks of the year. This means that no matter when it is that you are craving some mogul skiing, you will be able to visit Jackson Hole to get a taste of one of the best resorts in the country. The moguls here are groomed and waiting for you, but you must be prepared to ski some of the toughest terrain and the tallest mountains to get to the mogul courses.